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Mandes extends its range of services to cover all the important aspects of the trade. It is safe to say that all your hassles concerning sourcing and delivery of a variety of products as well as label designing are swiftly handled by Mandes.

Provision of high grade products

Our quality control experts pinpoint the best facilities in Ukraine. These range from pasta factories to beer suppliers and within these items a wide assortment of products is available for import. These include beef, oil, spelled, and multiple other organic and gluten-free products. There is one common feature that all these imported items share and it is the superb quality, which meets international standards of excellence.

Designing of private labels

Mandes also fashions labels after your heart’s desire. Out team of ace of designers sits at the helm of the label fabrication keeping in mind all the requirement of the client. The end result is a label that bids your wishes and satisfies you entirely.

Delivery of the shipment to your doorstep

When it comes to shipping, not every service can be trusted. That’s why it has taken Mandes years of experience to come parallel to the best shipping company. Therefore, the safe and protected carting of your package at a steady pace is our responsibility. Our competitive shipping service takes elaborate care of the order placed in the following steps:

  1. Provision of the container to the source factory
  2. Transport of the loaded container to the port
  3. Care of storage before loading to the ship
  4. Loading and freighting the ship to its destination

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