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Mandes looks after all the essential links in the chain of import-export. Not only do you have our word for supreme quality products but also for a safe and secure shipping service. We ensure great care along all the steps of the trade and freight process. Mandes also offers the option of private label designing as a cherry to offer on top of the deal.

We offer variety

We purvey a wide pool of import options. You only have to pinpoint the items that you need and leave the rest on Mandes. We offer gluten-free and organic products including beef, and oil. Mandes is an exclusive importer of 3 kinds of beer and 36 kinds of Taya pasta. Therefore, you can source a variety of items from us that boast great quality.

We ensure quality

You can pour all your blind faith in the product quality that Mandes provides. To ascertain that only the best quality reaches you, our team of quality managers surveys each facility before products are sourced from them. We work day in, day out for factor visits and document inspections. Our team also scrutinizes the quality control certificates of each facility’s production system such including HACCP and ISO certification.

We provide headache-free shipping

Mandes oversees all the rungs of the shipping process too. We are responsible for product loading, storage, travel, and docking at the destination. Our representatives also trace all the steps in the process of logistics and product delivery including handling of export documents so your worries are minimal.

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